The Story of ACSA (TAC)

We began our journey in 1993, as we were unable to agree with the liberal agendas being pressed forward in every Diocese of the Church of the Province of South Africa (Anglican). We decided then to 'continue' in the faith of our fathers, using the Book of Common Prayer and pressing forward in the teaching of the Catholic Faith as it had been passed to us.

We had to leave our big churches and begin meeting in houses and garages. Our clergy had to find employment to sustain their ministries. It was not easy to live this Angicanlife, but gradually, as our fortitude became known, and our integrity tested, we became more established and respected in our communities. We were, in a real way, like the early church - beginning from nothing! How blessed to begin a work in simplicity and see it come to fruition... 

It is 2011, and we have shown considerable growth, with parishes in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We maintain a strong link with our Traditional Anglican brothers and sisters in Zambia. We now have more than 60 parishes and outstations, and some 30 clergy, all of who are self-supporting. God has given us his blessing.

Our Vision and Mission stated above are simple and attainable. Our leadership is dynamic, responsible, hard-working and committed to pursuing excellence. There is no reason for us not achieving that which we have set before us. We are committed to living a fulfilled and lively Anglicanlife in the service of Christ Our Saviour.

We are the Anglican Church in Southern Africa (Traditional Anglican Communion, also known as Traditional Rite)

Mission: "Our mission is to recall Anglicanism to its heritage, to heal divisions caused by departures from the Faith, and to build a vibrant church for the future based on powerful local leadership."

Vision: "Our Vision is to double our presence in Southern Africa over the next decade. That includes parishes, projects and institutions"